WWDC 2011 Predictions

This WWDC is where all Apple devices converge

Apple has already announced in a press release to what this years WWDC will offer. A move which is very unlike Apple’s secretive approach. We definitely know that Steve Jobs will be taking the center stage for todays keynote along with other executives. We also know Apple will announce Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud. This move of announcing what’s to come by Apple was probably to calm down consumer expectations for this WWDC. That means- no new iPhone this summer, different from the previous 3 WWDC’s over the last three years where we saw a new iPhone each time.

The rumorspedia has been speculating about Apple’s cloud disruption into the industry. Here is a rundown of our predictions:


Amazon and Google have already entered the cloud music service. The difference with Apple’s offering will be that Apple has got approval from major labels on offering cloud music. Also, a recent patent shows that a partial music files will be stored on the device locally and will seamlessly play music over the cloud. This is different from Google and Amazon, as they are offering cloud music without the permission of the labels, and users have to upload their own music files to a cloud locker, from which they can stream their music.

That said, iCloud would not just be a music streaming service. It will be a file hub system (similar to iTunes). And could even offer movies and TV shows. iCloud will offer over the air updates and syncing capabilities to iOS devices and will compare to the canonical system of dropbox of syncing files over all devices. This WWDC is about the convergence of all Apple devices into a single fluid system. Another misunderstanding that iCloud will replace Mobileme, is false. It will probably incorporate Mobileme into its service.

iOS 5

Apple has never really changed their mobile operating system over its lifespan. They have added features to it -such as the App Store- but they haven’t really radically changed anything. Compared to Android and Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI, the iOS UI may look a little out dated due to this reason. A big frustration in the current iOS system: notifications, is poised to be fixed by Apple in this update. iOS widgets and a reorganized way of arranging apps on the home screen may be introduced.

Apple will probably be announcing its partnership with Nuance on voice control integration. Although voice command capabilities do exist in iOS 4, they are subpar to what Google offers. On a recent rumor, Nuance technologies stock bubbled significantly at the prediction of partnership with Apple. Another strong rumor suggests that iOS 5 will be deeply integrated with Twitter. Apple obviously will be having a lot more in its sleeves, and we still don’t know what they may be.

Mac OS X Lion

This will be the shortest section of the keynote. We already know about several of its features, which Jobs had introduced back in october of last year in its ‘Back to Mac’ event. Features like- resume, Mission Control, AirDrop, built in server, etc will be featured. The biggest announcement will probably be the pricing and release date of Lion.

Other predictions

WWDC will have other things to showcase too. And although, Apple has gone back to its roots to WWDC’s purpose of serving developers, we will be seeing the next Final Cut Studio, details on enterprise solutions and maybe a Macbook Air update to Sandy bridge processors.

Whatever we see, this is going to be a big event for Apple. They have reportedly got press from the UK and Australia to be at the event. We don’t know what that Steve Jobs “One more thing” moment will be. And lets hope that we get something substantial out of this event.


Authored by Zaid Rahman on June 6, 2011 under Gadget § Tweet Like