WWDC 2011 Summary

WWDC 2011 Summary: A complete Rundown

A complete rundown of todays Apple event.

Apple announced today at Moscone Center its next version of iOS, Mac OS X and its new iteration of cloud service called iCloud. And while Apple had already announced to what we will be hearing about at this years WWDC, we still did not know the exact features they would be disclosing.

A complete rundown of all announcements made at this years WWDC keynote (June 6) is as follows:

Mac OS X Lion

The new Mac OS X Lion has over 250 new features and 3000 new developer API’s. Apple showcased 10 most prominent features.

1. Multi-touch gestures: The new version of Mac OS X is greatly influenced from the iPad and iOS. Apple has invested greatly in touch gestures and now increases the radius of gestures on the desktop operating system. Pinch, zoom, scroll, new multi-tasking gestures, etc, have been added.

2. Full Screen Applications: “Really important for notebooks.” Lion wants to use entire screen real estates for the best app experience. The ability to enter full screen similar to the iPad experience has been added. App switching, tab switching, etc can all be done with a swipe.

3. Mission Control: The “best feature of Lion” according to Phil Schiller, is a combination of Spaces, Expose and an App Switcher. With just a swipe users will now enter a screen where they will be shown a birds eye view of their entire mac experience.

4. Enhanced Photo Booth: Apple has added a few more photo effects in Photo Booth. This is a big feature for Apple’s younger audience and happens to provide immense number of Facebook photos, etc.

5. Mac App Store: The Mac App Store is the number one store for buying Mac software. And is now integrated with Lion. New additions to the App Store in Lion will be in-app purchases, push notifications and application sandboxing for increased security. [Lion will be delivered through the Mac App Store]

6. Launchpad: A feature inspired by the iOS home screen will bring all the apps installed in the users machine into a one convenient place. Users will be able to create pages for their apps and also create Folders within the launchpad to organize their apps.

7. Resume: Instantly resume where you were in an application when you quit it — just like iOS. Users will now be able to get to their last left position on the app instantly. This will enable Versions, in which users will be able to browse back to previous versions of their documents, etc. A fundamental change and yet so small, as now— users do not need to save their files. It all auto saves automatically.

8. AirDrop: A handy new tool to share files with nearby Mac users. No USB or local networks will be required. Sharing will be as easy as dragging and dropping a file into the AirDrop icon. The next user will be prompted, and the file will be instantly downloaded to the next users computer.

9. Mail: The new Mail is very similar to the Mail client in the iPad. Redesigned from the ground up, with Conversation view, Gmail styled search, etc; the new Mail promises to be the Mail app yet!

The final detail Apple talked about Mac OS Lion was pricing and availability. Lion will cost just $29.99, will be distributed through the Mac App Store and will be available in July. Apple promises the distribution to be the easiest migration to date.




iOS 5:


Apple’s celebrated mobile operating system received a major update at todays event. Over 200 new features and 1500 new developer API’s are added to iOS 5. The following are a few features:

1. Notification Center: iOS 5 provides an innovative way to handle notifications. Apple got rid of the annoying pop-up system and has adopted a completely new way of getting notifications. Similar to Android, swiping down on any screen will give a complete access to all the new notifications. Any new notification will appear on the top of the screen on any app in a swift animation. The lock screen now has more information than before, with access to all current notifications.

Adding, Apple has predominantly adopted this notification system suggested first jailbreak developer Peter Hajas. Peter, recently got hired by Apple.

2. News Stand: Publishers love the iPad. And now, Apple has added a sub category in the App store as Newspapers and will deliver all latest issues as they get available. It will download in the background seamlessly. And will allow users to quickly subscribe, search and browse news titles.

3. Safari: The mobile browser is the most popular browser on mobile today with over 60% use got a few features. “Reader”, a feature existing on the Mac Safari was added to the mobile Safari where all text on a webpage is arranged for optimal reading. Also, a reading list feature was added where users can save articles for later reading and can access them on any of their iOS devices. A feature similar to Instapaper. And lastly, mobile Safari has got a full tabbed experience.

4. Twitter Integration: iOS 5 has added immense Twitter integration to its system. Users will now be able to post to Twitter directly from anywhere in the system, including Camera Roll, Safari, etc. With one touch they can decide whether to put location data on their tweet.

5. iMessage: A crowd pleaser for a service. The new Messaging system copies the BBM service offered by RIM. Users can now text, share photos, etc via messages among iOS devices for free. [Just like that, the only promising feature of the Blackberry is dead]

6. Reminders: Apple has made an app to create to-do lists on your i-device. The reminder app can create reminders based on geo-location. However, the number of to-do apps on the App Store is enormous.

7. Camera and Photos: A new shortcut has been added to the lock screen where you could jump directly to the camera app and take photos by hiting the volume button. Users can then edit photos, a new feature, and save it to their photos.

8. PC Free: One of the most frustrating perks about any iOS device was connecting it to the computer to get started. With iOS 5, that is no longer a requirement. And users will be greeted by a “welcome” screen. Apple has finally accepted its own mythology of Post-PC on its iOS devices.

9. Additionally: Game Center, now has the ability to add photos to profile, etc. Mail, has a few enhancements as well such as RTM control. And Airplay Mirroring will enable iPad 2 to be wirelessly mirrored to your TV.

iOS 5 SDK is available immediately for iOS developers on developer.apple.com! iOS 5 will be available as a free update for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch (4th Gen), iPod Touch (3rd Gen) this fall.





The biggest announcement of todays event was iCloud. Apple’s answer to the cloud. A service that will work seamlessly with apps on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and even PC.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iCloud keeps your important information and content up to date across all your devices. All of this happens automatically and wirelessly, and because it’s integrated into our apps you don’t even need to think about it—it all just works.”


1. Former MobileMe service: Contact, calendar and mail, have all been redesigned to work with iCloud. As of now, no new MobileMe users can be added. Users who have recently brought MobileMe will get an extension till June 2012. [More on that here]

2. App Store and iBookstore downloads, now will be automatically be synced to iCloud. And users will be able to download over all their devices for free, over the cloud. [Up to 10 devices]

3. iCloud Backup: iCloud will automatically and securely backup your iOS devices to iCloud daily over Wi-fi when your charge your device. Backed up content includes purchased music, apps and books, Camera Roll (photos and videos), device settings and app data. If you replace your iOS device, just enter your Apple ID and password during setup and iCloud restores your new device.

4. iCloud Storage: iCloud seamless will store all articles on iCloud and automatically push them over all devices. Documents, spreadsheets, presentation, etc will all be benefitted by iCloud. This was created using iCloud storage API’s, which will be a major thing of the developer package to create iCloud apps. Apple is offering 5 GB of free storage to anyone who buys or upgrades their device.

5. iCloud Photo Stream: Photos taken on the iPhone will automatically be pushed to the iPad, etc. To save space, iCloud will store up to 1000 photos for 30 days for free. Which will enable users to store their photos on their local devices over this period.

6. iTunes in the Cloud, is the candy announcement of Steve Jobs for this WWDC. iTunes is now completely on the cloud. Music purchased on iTunes will automatically be downloaded to all devices. In addition, iTunes Match will enable to users to stream their music over the cloud from iTunes 18 million songs for a flat fee of $24.99! The service will automatically scan the users music library and match it to the its iTunes offering and upgrade all songs to 256kbps. This will even apply to ripped music collections. A beta version of this functionality is available to users running iOS 4.3!

iCloud will be part of iOS 5.


This event has been entirely about how Apple’s Post-PC philosophy will work out. With Lion looking very similar to iOS, and iOS 5’s integration with iCloud will pave new possibilities in the near future.

Authored by Zaid Rahman on June 6, 2011 under Gadget § Tweet Like