Against Samsung

“Against Samsung”

Samsung is ripping off Apple. No justification can deny that.

Dan Lyons, on his blog:

Thing is, over the summer I had a chance to use a Samsung Galaxy S II. That phone could not have been a copy of the iPhone 4S because it came out nearly a half a year before the 4S. But maybe the GSII was a clone of the iPhone 4? Sure enough, they are remarkably similar devices, except for a few tiny details — like the fact that the GSII has a much bigger screen, a faster processor, more RAM, a better camera, an NFC chip, FM radio, a removable battery, a MicroSD slot and support for MHL. Oh, and it’s thinner and weighs less. The screen technologies are different. The cases are different. The GSII is plastic, with no stainless steel wrapper, no glass back panel, no metal volume buttons and no metal toggle switch for muting.

Otherwise, okay, total knockoff.

The spec war is over. So no, having a FM radio doesn’t make your phone better.

Samsung employs 40,000 people in R&D. So this was a result of their hard work. Take a closer look at the image here. Shameless.

TouchWiz is a disgrace to Android itself. If not for TouchWiz, Samsung could have at least escaped a software lawsuit. But ripping off icons is hard work. Look at the image here (read Nilay Patel’s phenomenal analysis from last April). Shameless.

Lyons didn’t even go into detail about Samsung’s other profitable ventures with uncanny design inspirations. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, for example, was released immediately after the iPad 2 announcement. Very Unique/original. Lets not even talk about their ultrabooks. Super original.

In the end, Samsung gets almost all inspiration for its design from Apple for most of its mobile products. There is no hate for Samsung for its televisions, monitors, cameras, etc. Because they are not copied from Apple.

(Photo: Reuters)

Authored by Zaid Rahman on January 9, 2012 under Editorial § Tweet Like