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Apple yet again steals all the attention away from CES


Last year it was the talk of the Verizon iPhone.

The year before that — the iPad.

Apple of course doesn’t take part in CES. But year over year, Apple has driven attention away from the show floor to its own future events. And like last year, Apple yet again decided to drop an invitation to its event during CES. Even the location of the event is mysterious (just like last year), which is being held in New York. Away from Silicon Valley (or the West coast) — and away from CES.

That would mean just one thing — Apple just stole the buzz of CES for itself without even being at CES.

Wait for all the speculation that will follow from the tech world. For the event itself, Apple has allegedly planned something substantial in textbooks and education. An industry Steve Jobs himself wanted to reinvent, as told by Walter Isaacson.

Frankly — about damn time education changed.

Authored by Zaid Rahman on January 11, 2012 under News § Tweet Like