Is Kindle Oasis Good For Eyes?

Reading is a hobby that many people enjoy. It allows you to escape to imaginary worlds, work on yourself, or to find inspiration from what others are doing in life. While many people still have a preference for a classic hardback or softback book in their hands, there is a rise in the use of e-readers and tablet devices. These digital technologies allow you to explore a greater library of books and novels, with the … Read more

How To Increase VRAM – Say Goodbye to Video Glitches

Computers have short-term and long-term memory to increase performance. Long-term memory saves essential data for the long haul. RAM or random access memory is your computer’s short-term memory that accesses data quicker for better processing time. The allotted RAM on your computer determines how well it functions. Most people are familiar with those memories, but have you heard of VRAM? Video random access memory or VRAM promotes faster graphics uploads on your computer. If it’s … Read more

Is Samsung A21 S Worth Buying?

With such a significant variety of smartphones on the market today, it is often difficult to determine which one is the right choice for you. Samsung continues to impress with their range of quality smartphones. The Samsung A range provides a budget-friendly selection of smartphones that offers reliability and great cameras. The Samsung A21 S is no exception, providing a range of the latest technologies, along with a sleek design.  The question is – should … Read more

Best keyboard for OSU

Are you in the market for the best keyboard for OSU? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive review of the best keyboards for OSU that can meet all your gaming needs, plus additional useful information. Since its launch in 2007, the OSU game has gained huge traction and appreciation among gamers. Besides delivering a frantic bubble-popping experience, it boasts highly competitive players constantly leveling up to gain high … Read more

How To Reset GPU

A graphics card forms an important part of gaming computers. They are also useful in cases where you want to run creative applications, such as video or photo editing software. Sometimes, however, your graphics driver may not work as expected. In these cases, you may want to learn how to reset your graphics card. This process can refresh the settings and sometimes resolve problems like poor performance. We will take a closer look at the … Read more

How to Organize Keys – Always Know Where Your Keys Are and What They Are For with Our Guide

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Albumsaver vs. Photo Stick – One Flash Drive to Rule Them All

Digital photography has changed how we save photos. While printing them is still an option, saving them to a flash drive or storage device is more prevalent. There’s plenty to consider when saving all your photos as you need to ensure adequate storage space, transfer data is quick and simple, software compatibility, and more. Since a USB drive is a common method for saving all the photos and videos from your phone or camera, we … Read more

LG VS. Samsung TV – Who Does A Smart TV Better?

Let’s be honest. We spend plenty of time in front of the television. It doesn’t matter if you watch Netflix, Hulu, or catch up with your favorite sporting event. A TV with excellent sound and picture quality are must-have’s. If you’re in the market for a smart TV, we’re happy to give you a rundown on two of the best companies on the market–LG and Samsung. We’ll help you understand their differences so you can … Read more

Best x570 Motherboard

When it comes to setting up a desktop computer, you essentially have two options. You can opt for a pre-built desktop, but this often comes with several limitations. You also have very limited control over the hardware and overall performance that the computer will offer. The other option is to custom-build a desktop for yourself. This allows you to choose exactly what goes into the computer, providing better optimization options for what you need. Product … Read more

How to Use Laptop as Monitor

Laptops are very convenient, as they provide you with a greater level of mobility compared to a desktop computer. You can easily travel with a laptop, which also adds versatility to its usage options. For some people, a laptop is more than just a computer, serving as an extra screen as well. Many do not, however, realize that their laptop can actually serve as a monitor. With this said, compatibility for these functions are not … Read more