Surfshark VPN Review – The Shark You Want on Your Side

Let’s be honest.  We want to buy the Surfshark VPN based on the name alone.  Who doesn’t want a VPN that’s a shark?  It’s got to be good, right?  Talk about security.  It is better than good, and in this Surfshark review, we’ll discuss the product details, pros/cons and compare it to some other VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.  We’ll give you all of the details that you need so you can buy one of … Read more

What Is Spooling? – Everything You Need to Know about Simultaneous Peripheral Operations Online

Did you know that spooling is an acronym for simultaneous peripheral operations online? We can understand why they made it an acronym, as that is quite the mouthful. Let’s find out exactly what spooling means. Spooling is a combination of operating systems organizing and queueing information until needed later for execution. Input devices flow processes to a CPU, where it is collected into a spool queue to be processed using a FIFO algorithm. The spooling … Read more

How Do I Choose a Keyboard Tray? Helpful Tips for Improving Your Work Environment

When it comes to keyboard trays, it’s essential to find one that allows for correct ergonomics. According to CNN, about 43% of Americans sit at a computer between one or two hours a day, while 25% use a computer for three to four hours a day. If you are positioned incorrectly while typing, it can lead to many issues like wrist, shoulder, back, and neck problems. For the most part, when a keyboard is set … Read more

What Is Google Word Coach?

Nearly 20% of the world’s population use English as their native, second, or foreign language. However, most people struggle with English vocabulary, especially those from non English speaking countries. Google understands this very well. That’s why the company launched the Google Word Coach. Like Google dictionary and translation tools, google word coach is an impressive feature designed to help expand English language vocabulary in an exciting way. Here, you will find everything about google word … Read more

What Motherboard Do I Have?

Ever wonder what motherboard you have but didn’t know how to find out? No worries though, it’s a surprisingly easy process. This article will list the different methods so that you can figure out what motherboard you have without much stress and with minimal effort. What Is a Motherboard? A motherboard is the main circuit board that serves as the central hub for all of the parts that make up a computer. In the motherboard, … Read more

Top 7 Pink Keyboard of 2022

Are you looking for the best pink gaming keyboard in the market? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, the demand for bright-color mechanical keyboards has increased. We are not talking about the normal black, white or blue gaming keyboards. We are more interested in a unique color that makes your gaming setup stand out by improving its aesthetics–Pink. Product Type/Features Rating Razer Pink Razer Green switch technology provides a satisfying clicky … Read more

Norton vs. Avast – Get the Right Antivirus Software for your Devices

If you know about antivirus software, you have probably heard of Norton.  It’s been around for a long time and is known as one of the best antivirus software services on the market.  How does it compare to its competitors?  When it comes to Avast, is Norton 360 better or worse?  Good thing we are here to answer all of your questions.  We’ll go through the essential elements of antivirus software and then compare Norton … Read more

Everyday Raycon Earbuds Review: The Best Budget-Friendly Option

Are you looking for a great pair of true wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Raycon Earbuds! These earbuds deliver a great sound and a bass at a low-end price, making them great for anyone looking for workout buds and everyday listeners who don’t worry about going way too fancy. These buds come with a nice carrying case that supports wireless charging and three sets of silicone ear tips, … Read more

IPVanish vs. NordVPN – Let the Battle of the VPNs Begin

NordVPN has battled it out with many VPNs as it’s one of the best on the market for a secure internet connection and excellent advanced features.  Now it’s time to see how it stacks up against IPVanish, a fellow competitor that has been around for the same amount of time.  We’ll review both to show you all of the similarities and differences, so you choose the best VPN for you.  Without further ado, let the … Read more

Bitdefender vs. Avast – Picking the Right Software Vaccination

Who else is tired of viruses and just wants all the vaccinations?  If we’re not dealing with COVID, we are worried about viruses on our computers.  It’s time to find antivirus software that will give you the internet security you need to protect you from hackers.  In this article, let’s compare two antivirus products that are highly recommended in the market.  We’ve researched both to help you decide the winner.  Grab that cup of tea … Read more