How to Organize Keys – Always Know Where Your Keys Are and What They Are For with Our Guide

Here at Geeqer, we understand that gadgets for organization are a must-have, especially when it comes to keys. We reviewed the best key organizers that provide a less bulky option than a key ring. However, a key organizer is no good if your key organization is a minefield of office, car, and house keys that aren’t labeled. Let’s take a quick poll. Do you have all your keys on one key ring? Are your mailbox … Read more

LG VS. Samsung TV – Who Does A Smart TV Better?

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LG CordZero Reviews – Take Stick Vacuums to the Next Level

Regardless of your relationship with your vacuum cleaner, clean carpets and floors make a comfortable house. Whether it’s pet hair, crumbs, dust, or dirt, it brings a sense of relief when a vacuum has the incredible suction power to get your house clean in a matter of minutes. While heavy uprights and bag vacuum cleaners are still available on the market, a cordless vacuum like the LG CordZero is an excellent combination tool to clean … Read more

The Ultimate KeySmart Review – Which Keysmart is the Best

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being overloaded with keychains. The jingling noise is annoying, and it’s hard to find our keys when they are on a bunch of metal hooks that have been thrown in your purse or pocket. KeySmart is the ultimate key organizer created for people who hate dealing with their keychains and who are always on the go! It’s compact, has an easy-to-find design, and can hold up to 8 … Read more

Best Key Organizer – Eliminate the Aggravation of Lost Keys and Get Organized

It happens to the best of us. We have too many keys to keep track of, and they end up all on one key ring. It makes for a substantial, bulky mess that takes ages to find the correct key you need, especially when you are in a hurry. What’s even worst is when we lose our keys. What if we told you some key organizers could keep your keys in a key holder that … Read more

Best Smart Scales Under $100

As the health and fitness industry becomes more and more adapted to modern technology, we see more accessible and efficient tracking progress. Never has it been so easy and convenient to track your personal stats, and with it, instill a sense of accountability for your fitness goals. For anyone looking for a more efficient way of maintaining their routine and building fitness confidence, a smart scale for your bathroom might be your next weapon of … Read more

Wowoto H8 Video Projector Review

Earlier this decade, the sheer idea of using a projector that could fit inside your pocket was considered absurd. After all, most video projectors were roughly around the same size of a typical notebook, and the more reliable ones were even much larger. But, as technology improved, video projectors also increased in quality while becoming smaller in size. A good example of this is the Wowoto H8 Video Projector. Widely considered as one of the … Read more

Stay Updated With the Best Emergency Radio – Our Top 6 Picks

Whenever things go south, or so to speak, you can’t always rely on your smartphone to keep you updated with real-time news and weather reports. For that, you’ll need something more reliable if ancient. We’re talking about having the best emergency radio. Featuring multiple power sources, and other important features, having the best emergency radio can save you out of a potentially dangerous situation. Product Type/Features Rating Midland ER310 Solar Panel, Hand Crank, & Rechargeable … Read more

The 5 Best Wireless Doorbell

Missed deliveries and visitors will never be a thing again with these battery and plug-in wireless doorbells. We made sure to round up a variety of wireless doorbells to guarantee that our recommendations are able to cater to a wide range of consumers. This means that we have the best wireless doorbell for a particular budget and use. With that said, let’s get right on with our list. Product Type/Features Rating Ring Video Doorbell 3 … Read more

5 Picks for the Best Cellphone Booster Today

In an ideal world, we’d all have good cell phone service. But, then again, if the world was such a perfect place, we’d have no need for phones. We’d just telepathically communicate with each other. But, the thing is, we don’t live in such a world, and the world we live in is far from perfect, especially as far as cell phone service goes. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to find the best cellphone booster. That … Read more