How to Organize Keys – Always Know Where Your Keys Are and What They Are For with Our Guide

Here at Geeqer, we understand that gadgets for organization are a must-have, especially when it comes to keys. We reviewed the best key organizers that provide a less bulky option than a key ring. However, a key organizer is no good if your key organization is a minefield of office, car, and house keys that aren’t labeled. Let’s take a quick poll. Do you have all your keys on one key ring? Are your mailbox … Read more

How to Use Laptop as Monitor

Laptops are very convenient, as they provide you with a greater level of mobility compared to a desktop computer. You can easily travel with a laptop, which also adds versatility to its usage options. For some people, a laptop is more than just a computer, serving as an extra screen as well. Many do not, however, realize that their laptop can actually serve as a monitor. With this said, compatibility for these functions are not … Read more

How Does Photostick Organize Photos?

Nowadays, taking photos has become a very simple process. We can take hundreds of pictures on our phones if we want and don’t have to worry about space for them; we can just delete them when needed. However, the problem is that people don’t think about backing their photos up and some of them may be lost forever. In fact, photos, videos, or any files that are kept all over our computer can be a … Read more

How to Reload Chunks in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games around. It’s a sandbox game where you can do anything from designing to exploring your surroundings and living off the land. The game is made up of chunks; pieces that form the landscape and allow for a variety of environments to be found. Chunks load and unload as you move around your Minecraft world, but they can sometimes become a little buggy. If you find that … Read more

How to Clean A Stroller In 10 Easy Steps

Cleaning your stroller is one of those things that you know you should do but might not have a clue how to do it properly. So, we’re here to help! We’ll go over the basics of what you need to know before cleaning an entire stroller – from when to do it to how to get the tough stains out. Keep reading for all the tips and tricks you need. Happy cleaning! 1. Disassemble as … Read more

What Motherboard Do I Have?

Ever wonder what motherboard you have but didn’t know how to find out? No worries though, it’s a surprisingly easy process. This article will list the different methods so that you can figure out what motherboard you have without much stress and with minimal effort. What Is a Motherboard? A motherboard is the main circuit board that serves as the central hub for all of the parts that make up a computer. In the motherboard, … Read more

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung is known for producing not only some of the most powerful smartphones but also ones that move technology to new heights. While the company is known for its flagship range, a number of more budget-friendly options are also available when browsing through the selection of smartphones offered by Samsung. The Samsung A21 is an excellent example. This budget-friendly Samsung smartphone offers a quad camera setup, along with 32GB of internal storage, a long-lasting 4,000 … Read more

How to Use OBD2 Scanner?

There was a time when cars didn’t have a solid computer system to let the driver or the mechanic know what was wrong. Now, it’s completely different. With access to the latest technological advances, people can use an OBD2 scanner to troubleshoot their vehicles.  Want to master using an OBD2 scanner? But, don’t know where to start? This guide can get you up to speed. Check out the beginner’s friendly info listed below and you … Read more

How to Delete LinkedIn Account – Take a Social Media Break

Have you ever noticed that it’s really easy to set up a social media account, but when it has run it’s course and you need to delete it, it’s harder than ever to figure out how to do it?  Regardless of why you need to close your account, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it sometimes is. If you set up a LinkedIn profile years ago and never check it, maybe it’s time to delete the … Read more

How to Restart Chromebook

If you’re wondering how to restart Chromebook, don’t worry! It’s easy. You can restart it in various ways. And we’ll tell you how. Chromebooks are an amazing device that can help with productivity, development, or knowledge implementation. It has an elegant restart process that is different from traditional devices. Restarting your Chromebook is often the solution to many problems or questions that you may have, so it is important to know how to restart a … Read more