How to Organize Keys – Always Know Where Your Keys Are and What They Are For with Our Guide

Here at Geeqer, we understand that gadgets for organization are a must-have, especially when it comes to keys. We reviewed the best key organizers that provide a less bulky option than a key ring. However, a key organizer is no good if your key organization is a minefield of office, car, and house keys that aren’t labeled. Let’s take a quick poll. Do you have all your keys on one key ring? Are your mailbox … Read more

LG VS. Samsung TV – Who Does A Smart TV Better?

Let’s be honest. We spend plenty of time in front of the television. It doesn’t matter if you watch Netflix, Hulu, or catch up with your favorite sporting event. A TV with excellent sound and picture quality are must-have’s. If you’re in the market for a smart TV, we’re happy to give you a rundown on two of the best companies on the market–LG and Samsung. We’ll help you understand their differences so you can … Read more

Best x570 Motherboard

When it comes to setting up a desktop computer, you essentially have two options. You can opt for a pre-built desktop, but this often comes with several limitations. You also have very limited control over the hardware and overall performance that the computer will offer. The other option is to custom-build a desktop for yourself. This allows you to choose exactly what goes into the computer, providing better optimization options for what you need. Product … Read more

How Does Photostick Organize Photos?

Nowadays, taking photos has become a very simple process. We can take hundreds of pictures on our phones if we want and don’t have to worry about space for them; we can just delete them when needed. However, the problem is that people don’t think about backing their photos up and some of them may be lost forever. In fact, photos, videos, or any files that are kept all over our computer can be a … Read more

Surfshark VPN Review – The Shark You Want on Your Side

Let’s be honest.  We want to buy the Surfshark VPN based on the name alone.  Who doesn’t want a VPN that’s a shark?  It’s got to be good, right?  Talk about security.  It is better than good, and in this Surfshark review, we’ll discuss the product details, pros/cons and compare it to some other VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.  We’ll give you all of the details that you need so you can buy one of … Read more

Choosing The Best Promoter Net Software

If you have decided to utilize an NPS program to increase your customer loyalty and so far, encountered a lot of software service provides, and still don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, we are going to help you find the best one. All of them will allow you to ask a straightforward question, “why you are the best solution for me,” but here all similarities end. One of the first things you should … Read more